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Experienced in Probate Litigation and Estate Administration

Gary F. Westenhover is a Board Certified Estate Planning and Probate lawyer located in Weatherford, Texas with over 35 years of experience in the court systems of North Texas. The firm engages in a general civil practice with concentrations in many areas, including the following.
This firm maintains an active probate litigation practice throughout North Texas. Contact Gary F Westenhover, Attorney at Law today!
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Texas Probate Litigation

Probate Litigation
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Probate Litigation typically involves a dispute concerning the estate of an incapacitated or deceased individual, frequently taking the form of a Guardianship contest or Will contest. Disputes may also arise in the course of administering the estate of the Ward, or the Decedent. You will find additional information on these topics by clicking on the links given below.
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Texas Wills and Trusts
Wills & Trusts are legal documents, ranging from simple to complex, frequently used to implement an estate plan. Our goal is to protect and preserve your assets for your benefit, during your lifetime and for the benefit of your loved ones, after death. I specialize in all aspects of estate planning. View the Estate Planning page to learn more.

Texas Estate Administration and Guardianship
Estate Administration encompasses the entire process of collecting, managing and distributing the property comprising the estate of the incapacitated Ward or the Decedent, typically requiring the appointment of a guardian, or executor, who will remain subject to court supervision, in many cases. For more information on our Probate law services, visit our Decedent’s Estates and Guardianship pages.

Texas Business Organizations
Business Organizations generally fall into three categories, namely: sole proprietorship, corporations and partnerships; however, these entities have become much more specialized, in recent years, primarily due to changes in tax laws. We now have close corporations, limited liability companies, family limited partnerships and other forms of specialized entities that may be customized to satisfy your particular requirements.

Texas Commercial Transactions
Commercial Transactions of a varied and complex nature also comprise a substantial part of the firm’s practice. Examples include real estate closings, sales of business entities, foreclosures, contracts, oil, gas and mineral leases, collection of delinquent accounts, partnership dissolutions, and the like, with a particular focus upon addressing the needs of small and family-owned businesses.

Weatherford, Texas-based probate attorney, Gary F. Westenhover, is board certified in probate law and estate planning. Serving the North Texas counties of Parker, Tarrant, Wise, Jack, Young, Palo Pinto, Hood, Erath and Johnson since 1981, Gary Westenhover has been representing clients in all forms of probate law and estate planning.
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